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Milkcake Sweets (350g)

Milkcake Sweets (350g)

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About Milkcake Sweets

Milkcake is a popular Indian sweet made with solidified milk. Baba Thakur Das & Sons is renowned for its Kalakand and no trip to Alwar is complete without stopping here to buy Kalakand to take back home. You will simply love the texture and flavour of this sweet dish and will surely come back for more. The perfect end to a family meal and great to serve while entertaining guests at home as well.


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Product Details

Vegetarian Yes
Shelf Life 7 daysProducts are made fresh and then packaged, thereby ensuring you get max days of shelf life in your hand
Weight 350 g
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 14 cm

1 review for Milkcake Sweets (350g)

  1. Ambika

    Awesome taste. Staying away from MP made me realize that what all I have missed. Thanks for such a superb service.

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