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Revadi (350g)

Revadi (350g)

(3 customer reviews)

About Revadi

Scrumptious, comforting and yes… Healthy! Revadi forms an important part of the winter cuisine. This wonderful recipe combines the crunchiness of Til and the rich sweetness of Jaggery. The reason why it forms a winter staple is that til; both, black and white variety and Jaggery are known to generate heat in the body after digestion, which eventually helps in combating the cold weather.



Product Details

Vegetarian Yes
Shelf Life 2 month Products are made fresh and then packaged, thereby ensuring you get max days of shelf life in your hand
Weight 350 g

3 reviews for Revadi (350g)

  1. Nema Pooja

    nice one

  2. Gsundar


  3. Gsundar

    Very Tasty Revadi

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