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Suger Less Gajak (350g)

Suger Less Gajak (350g)

(4 customer reviews)

About Suger Less Gajak

A gajak for those watching their sugar intake – the Sugar Less Gajak brought to you by The Taste of Malwa. A great treat to enjoy, full of crunch and flavour for those who are watching their sugar intake but don’t want to miss out on the goodies.


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Product Details

Vegetarian Yes
Shelf Life 2 monthsProducts are made fresh and then packaged, thereby ensuring you get max days of shelf life in your hand
Weight 350 g

4 reviews for Suger Less Gajak (350g)

  1. Diwakar P

    healthy product

  2. Pia Ghai

    In love with their Sweets and Namkeens. They even provide sugar-free Gajaks and sweets without compromising on taste. Really happy as my mom can also have these sweets despite being a diabetes patient. Keep serving because for every festival you not only provide sweets or mixture,
    you provide a quality taste & lots and lots of happiness filled.

  3. Aniket

    For a person like me sugar has been banned. But after trying out this product I must say that I had a fantastic experience. Healthy and tasty gajaks.

  4. Sulekha

    Fats free gajak, good quality, exceptional taste most importantly they had delivered it on time. Thanks.

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